Is Attachment part of love ?

Most of us think that Attachment and Love is the same thing but when we think deeply then only we can realise that Attachment is not at all related to Love.

Attachment gives you possessiveness, Jealousy and many other negative emotions. It is directly proportional to Expectations. When the situation is happening according to you then you are Happy otherwise you become restless. In attachment, People try to control others life. It lacks trust and belief. A person is always in doubt mode and makes things complicated for everyone. In the starting, Attachment feels like heaven but after some time, People realize they are trapped in a golden cage. It is all about asking someone for something all your life.

Now when it comes to True Love. It always liberates you. If you are in love, you don’t expect anything from anyone. You are just filled with Love. There is no separation in love. You know that you are connected to the Universe. Even if the person is not with you physically you don’t mourn for it because you can feel the person every second. Love gives you the freedom to fly in the sky and realize that you are spreading love, happiness and positivity to the universe.

I heard somewhere that there are no I and You in Love. At that time, I laughed about it but it is true. Remember, when you fell in love with someone first time then you didn’t want to argue with anyone. You were on the ninth cloud. You wanted to be happy and just surrendered yourself. Love is oneness. It can start from loving a specific person but eventually you will start radiating love to everyone. One more thing, You don’t feel true love directly. It may start from attraction, infatuation and likeness. Even it may start from lust also but if you keep filtering your emotions and make it pure then one day you will feel pure love for sure.

You know, Why Lord Krishna and Radha didn’t marry? Because he wanted to give the message to the world that love is not bound to any relationships. Love is Love. ❤️

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